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DSN analyzes how the convergence of nontraditional competitors and mobile technology is transforming the health business into a retail operation in "The retailization of health care." Also Inside: Introducing Patient Views, Annual Disease State Report, Exclusive Pharmacist Survey and more.


The retailization of health care
Hospitals embracing retail healthcare concepts
Retail clinics gain new respect
Diagnostic centers at nexus of health care
Seeing value in the optical care business


Patient Views
Q&A: Point-of-care perspective
Annual Disease State Report 2012
Annual Pharmacist Reader Survey 2012


CP: Generics offer affordability for specialty Rx
Digestives: Generics contend in PPIs
Digestives: Plethora of probiotics entering market
Analgesics: Stars heat up external analgesics
Analgesics: Bayer Aspirin emphasizes role of internal analgesic
OTC: Supplement industry fights for awareness
OTC: SoloHealth, WellPoint provide convenience
OTC: Ford in 'SYNC' with IMS on bringing allergy app to cars
Q&A: Shot of energy
Skin care: Anti-aging floods market
Skin care: Unique products help bost sales of facial cleansers
Skin care: Prevalence of acne keeps treatment sales up
Sun care: Innovation and education shine
Snacks: Snacking takes on a bigger role
Beverages: Sports, energy drinks power up
Back to school: Personalization makes mark on BTS
Pet care: Supplies, OTCs drive segment