CVS Caremark's Troy Brennan discusses its efforts to combat Rx drug abuse

AUDIO Q&A: How can retail pharmacy play a greater role in battling the nation's prescription drug abuse epidemic? Data. To shed light on how CVS Caremark tapped its extensive prescribing database to identify signs of potential inappropriate prescribing, CVS Caremark's Troy Brennan talked with DSN about the program and the ongoing efforts to combat prescription drug abuse. Click to listen to the interview and think about how your company can join the fight.

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As a CVS pharmacist this is a

As a CVS pharmacist this is a great idea, but I wish we had more control over what customers rx's we fill and don't fill. Also the use of cash discount cards should be banned for all control prescriptions. There should be an easy way for pharmacist like myself to report individual customers as well as prescribers of suspected abuse in the system to ALL pharmacies not just within CVS.

Acting as an agent on your

Acting as an agent on your own company's behalf is one matter. Proposing unilateral discretion for "pharmacists like yourself" to arbitrarily proffer information beyond your own practice and any federal or state regulatory infrastructure presumably created with at least the imprimatur of oversight is quite another. As perhaps-well intentioned a notion it may be, the ends should not be allowed to justify its means when the sum-total insight into a particular patient's circumstances are limited to one or more transactions whose entire context is themselves. The implications they apply to a particular patient with no opportunity for recourse or even knowledge by the patient would be a fundamental rights infringement whose benefit could never outweigh the challenge it's meant to overcome.