Poll: Most women consider themselves bargain shoppers

YONKERS, N.Y. — More than three-quarters of women regard themselves as bargain hunters, a new national poll featured in the May issue of ShopSmart magazine found.

For these women, saving money and the thrill of a deal are the prime motivators, according to the poll, which was conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Among 1,010 female adults ages 18 years and older, 76% considered themselves bargain hunters, with 10% noting they enjoy the challenge of finding the best deal. Additionally, 65% of women typically opt to purchase items when there is a sale, versus buying items at full price.

But while 40% bargain-shop because of a limited budget, and one-quarter of women noted they hate to overspend, more than 4-out-of-5 women (83%) still would search for a bargain if money was no object.

When it comes to savings, coupon usage is widespread, with 91% of those surveyed disclosing they use coupons to get a better deal. Among these respondents, 51% print coupons from the Internet, 29% use competitor coupons and 11% use coupons directly off their cell phone.

So where are these women shopping for the best deals? The top go-to locations named by respondents were mass merchandisers, dollar stores and discount stores.

The news comes at the heels of reports that disclosed looming food and gas prices this summer.