Pharmaca introduces travel vaccination, health consultation program

BOULDER, Colo. — Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy on Thursday expanded its immunization offering to include travel vaccinations along with a comprehensive list of health services related to traveling abroad. 

Pharmaca patients can now schedule an appointment for any of the following vaccinations: hepatitis A and B, tetanus, typhoid, meningitis, Tdap, yellow fever (though not in Colorado locations), varicella and rabies. Pharmaca still offers vaccinations for flu, shingles, whooping cough and pneumonia on a walk-in basis.

Patients can also schedule a pre-travel health consultation with the pharmacist at a cost of $60 for an individual and $100 for a couple. According to the company's travel site, consultations include help determining which vaccinations are required or recommended for the particular travel destination, a discussion of remedies and best practices for staying healthy while there, a complete report on the destination that includes a detailed summary of pharmacist recommendations around safety and health considerations, and proof of immunizations. 





Vaccination is very important

Vaccination is very important to every one specially if one has to travel a lot. This is the most effective method of preventing infectious disease. - Michael Courouleau