Jelly Belly goes veggie

NEW YORK — Next month, prepare to see veggies in a new way.

Jelly Belly is launching its Peas & Carrots mix — mellocreme candy inspired by everyone's favorite veggies, but the "baby carrots" are an orange sherbet flavor, while the "peas" taste like apple.

Jelly Belly's Peas & Carrots mix will be available in 3-oz. bags, 8.5-oz. tie-top bags and a retro 5.5-oz. "can," that's reminiscent of canned peas and carrots typically found on grocery store shelves.


Thank you for the article.

Thank you for the article. This is the first I have heard about this new product but it sounds like a winner...In 1976 the company behind this product made for us the Jelly Belly jelly bean as a contract manufacturer...This lasted for four years when the nightmare started....This is the subject of our documentary Candyman:the David Klein story and it airs Jan 11 at 8:00 pm eastern and pacific on the Documentary Channel...the Dvd will be available Jan 11 in case you would like to stock this film in your dvd section....thank you david klein